Upholstery Workshop & Classes in London


At Edge Upholstery we believe in craft, creativity and that ‘god is in the detail’.  Forgotten furniture and archive pieces are resurrected in our daily decor celebration of design and function. From mid century modern to traditional antiques, we make it possible for you to create your own perfect mise en scene. Sofa, so good.
If you would like us to give you the edge, please contact us here, send us some photos and tell us what you need.

Edge Upholstery. Modern chair upholstered in traditional fabric.

Upholstery Classes

We love making things with our hands and would like to share that with you. Step-by-step, we will guide you through each project in a friendly and casual classroom setting. Chair transformations and classroom chit chat is what we pride our selves on. If you would like to join our upholstery short courses or weekend classes then click here

Upholstery weekend courses.

Saturday  Surgery 26.10.19

A monthly class were you can bring along a project and we will help you move forward and advise you how to complete it . Morning and afternoon slots available . 

£60 inc VAT

Twelve week upholstery course.

12 Week Class 07.01.20

Our 12 week upholstery class allows you to work on your own piece (size permitting), at your own pace, with our support and guidance.

£480 inc VAT

Beginners upholstery course. Traditional skills.

Taster Weekend TBC

Join us for a weekend where you will learn some basic skills of upholstery and will learn how to traditionally upholster a drop in seat.

£195 inc VAT